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Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes


Base recipes are really important. They should stand alone, but also be the perfect base to add whatever flavors you want. I’m really loving the show Cupcake Wars, and now I’m inspired to experiment and come up with my own creations.

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Tie Dye Cupcakes


Each year, our family has a summer BBQ with a theme. This year, it was a hippie-themed party, with 60’s music and lots of tie dye.…

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Ghostbusters Green Slime Cupcakes


A few weekends ago, we attended a Ghostbusters-themed birthday party for our friend’s son who was turning 4. The invitation warned, “prepared to be slimed!” So I thought it was only appropriate that I make green slime cupcakes for the occasion.…

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Cupcakes for SoNYC’s first birthday! And my first paid gig!


SoNYC (Science Online NYC) is a monthly meeting that I attend, that holds discussions about science communication through social media and other online resources. The May 2nd meeting marked SoNYC’s first birthday, and I made 6 dozen cupcakes for the event!…

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Octopart cupcakes

You’re probably wondering, what’s an Octopart? Well, it’s the company my husband started working for a little over a month ago. Octopart is a search engine for electronics components, so basically a google for geeks.…

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