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Authentic NYC Black and White Cookies!

Black-and-white-cookies2I grew up in New England, lived in Queens for a while, and recently bought a house in Long Island.  But of all the places I’ve lived, I feel like I’ll always be a Queens girl.…

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“Snowed In” Coffee Cake Cookies!


Living in NYC the past few years, I’m not used to random acts of kindness from my neighbors. Hell, I never even knew WHO my neighbors were.…

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Lalaloopsy sugar cookies


“Who is Lalaloopsy?” you may ask…well she’s only the cutest little rag doll character around.


But don’t feel bad. I didn’t know who she was, either until my coworker hired me to make Lalaloopsy sugar cookies for her daughter’s birthday party.…

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Tulip sugar cookies in support of Parkinson’s Awareness Month


As some of you may know, I work part-time for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) as their research grants manager. April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, so I thought I could use my baking skills not only to make treats for the office, but also to help raise awareness through blogging.…

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Bachelor Party Boobie Cookies!


Usually my baked goods are of the innocent variety, meant for the eyes of family and oftentimes children. This is my first naughty baking project, which I made for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party that I attended last weekend.…

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