Skateboard cake!

Starting in 2011, I began experimenting more with my cake making. I had made enough round cakes and I needed a change. In late January, I made a cake for my husband’s cousin, who was turning 15. He’s into skateboarding and I thought it would be fun to surprise him with a skateboard cake.



This was the largest cake I had made to date. I made a 9″ round cake, and a 9×13 cake. I then cut the round cake in half, and placed one half on each end of the rectangular cake. This gives the shape of the skateboard, which I then frosted with orange buttercream. I can’t take credit for this creativity. I modeled my cake after this skateboard cake. I followed the tutorial, and made the wheels out of Entenmann’s Frosted Donut Pop’Ems and the axles out of Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies.  I did however come up with the idea to make the brackets out of graham crackers. I was pretty proud of that one.  Remember, the donuts have to be the Pop’Ems size, otherwise the Pirouette cookies will slip through the holes. I sprayed the axles and brackets (and the cake board) with edible silver spray. This stuff is really cool. Just make sure you let everything dry completely before assembling. I used leftover buttercream to attach the brackets to the cake, and the axles to the brackets.

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