Sock Monkey Cake Pops


My sister-in-law hired me to make cake pops for her friend’s baby shower a few months ago. The mom-to-be loves all things sock monkey, so my sister-in-law sent me this picture from Sewell Photography for inspiration:

sockmonkeycakepopThis project was a ton of fun, because I LOVE using candy to decorate baked goods. I always have Merckins melts on hand, and I thought this was a great idea for the muzzle and hat. I also loved the Raisinets for the ears, because I think sock monkey ears should be lumpy and goofy looking. The main change I made from the inspiration picture was that I used Twizzlers Bites for the pom pom on top of the hat. I sliced off a thick piece and glued it on using melted chocolate. The eyes and smile were royal icing.



Since these were party favors, I placed them in bags and wrapped them with red ribbon. I found this great ribbon that had white stitching on the edges and matched the sock monkey theme really well.



The reason why I’m posting this almost two months after making them is because the baby shower happened only a few days ago! First it was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy when people couldn’t get enough gas to make it to the shower. Then, mom had the baby 3 weeks early! They finally had the shower, now with two guests of honor, which makes it even more special. Amazingly, the cake pops held up great in the freezer in a Tupperware container.

Congratulations to Jen and Craig, and welcome to Baby Faith!!


*** Wanted to add that I found these great cake pop holders that really make it easy for the pops to dry. Originally I was using Styrofoam blocks, but after a while they fall apart and I was getting Styrofoam everywhere. These are plastic, washable, and hold 19 pops.



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