Found a great new site for free Kindle cookbooks!

Yesterday I found this great website for free stuff called They have all sorts of things, but mainly I’ve seen lots of lists of free Kindle books. Even more exciting, some of them are cookbooks. Today had an especially interesting list, because there were two baking books, “21 Easy, Simple & Yummy Cupcake Recipes,” by Amy Roberts and “Brownie Recipes,” by Kitchen Kreations. If you want them, download them now; sometimes these freebies are only for a limited time.

There are no reviews on Amazon, so I have no idea how good these books are…but they are FREE! I figure if I can get even one new recipe from each book, then it’s totally worth downloading and checking them out. Enjoy, and happy reading!!

One more thing…If you have a Nook or other e-reader, have no fear! You can download the Kindle version and convert it to another form using the program Calibre. It works very well and this way you can take advantage of this freebie too!

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