Fairy Princess Cake Pops

Fairypops1I haven’t been hired for a baking job in a while. But to my surprise, I was contacted a few weeks ago by a friend of my sister-in-law. She wanted me to make cake pops for her daughter’s first birthday. The catch? She wanted start shaped ones to look like a fairy wand. I had never made shaped cake pops before, but I was up to the challenge. I even practiced making some tulip shaped cake pops, which I brought to work for Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

I’ve made cake pop displays before that look like wedding cakes, but this time I tried using heart-shaped cake dummies, since this was a little girl’s birthday party. The top-down view is so cute!


I found this adorable trim at M&J trimming in the city, and I thought it was just perfect.

Fairypops5I used sanding sugar to make the pops sparkly. Each pop was bagged individually and tied with pink and purple ribbon.

Fairypops3I was really happy with how these came out. And now I’m totally inspired…Fairypops7


I need to find other shapes I can make!


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  1. Diana says:

    check out bakearella’s books on cakepops. she does insane shapes with step by step guides.

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